going deep right now – very introspective. I’m actually lying on a 6-pack (not the beer kind) but the snow kind – having an ultra moment. it’s an amazing fall day, I’m in one of my favorite spots… the mountains and it’s super quiet. it seems like I’ve been running in circles and always chasing something for the last year, maybe longer.

why do we push ourselves constantly?? It’s great to have drive, to be driven for success to achieve the best in what you go for… whatever it is. But why does it seem we are always pushing for more… given an extra inch we want a mile?? at what point do you just stop, breathe and be thankful for everything you already have… it’s always what’s next. Go big or go home, what about just going home??

this my friends is my new goal, contentment (is that a thing?) I’m going to go home, love the life I’m living. it’s my life after all ~ whether it’s tidy and perfect (never) or a little chaotic, it’s mine. if you’re with me, I’m going to embrace you, now ~ today and tomorrow but not ask what’s next. just let it flow and strive for happy. who’s down??

keep riding forward,
xx Jen

“happiness doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. It means you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections” ~ unknown






Ever have one of those moments ~ where in one spilt second everything changes. it could be as simple as losing your car keys but it’s always the same feeling in the moment ~ panic…

if I only paid closer attention, if I wasn’t doing twelve things at once, if I didn’t have that last drink (yep that too) – it’s dreadful. Then that moment is always followed up with something smart about hind site, or what ifs – but most of the time there are no “backsies” it was what it was and remains what happened. I really think it’s what happens next that’s key. how do you react, obviously depending on the damage our reactions will vary but what we do post reaction that matters most. It usually helps me to write it out (not so much with the lost keys) or sometime look into the mirror and have a frank convo with yourself. Yes this seems way cray, as we say – mirror mirror on the wall…

IMG_8822-0But look if you can’t be honest with yourself you sure can not make the situation right. In this world of messaging, dumping it out all there and using social subliminal messages – we could be reminded to just have a candid conversation with our realist self ~ the pretty thing in the mirror. She has your full undivided attention, and will only move when you do.

so maybe I’m talking about something more than loss car keys here but the final phase of this is also being transparent to the other person that might have also been affected by your actions. you’d be surprised when you open up to someone else ~ they’ll actually hear you, hopefully will forgive you & most most important they’ll love you anyway.  facing the imperfect you and letting it go is brave; but it is also the most important part of the recovery process for everyone.

Keep riding forward xx Jen

#bereal #behonest #beyou




my ode to instagram

I haven’t blogged in a really long time. I’ve taken the lazy way out and started recording my world via instagram ~ something occurred to me today, do people wonder if I’m legit. what’s the story behind the story, well there isn’t any. these pictures are me and my moments, these posts are for me. I love them… you may eye-roll as I post my 900th selfie but looking at it takes me right back to that spilt second, my moment.


I posted something today about perception which got me thinking… I love living out loud. sharing everything, I really try to be fully me in my sharing. do I use great filters, tweak my pics & carefully caption each one. yep I’m guilty. do I want you to smile when you like something I post, yep that too. Do sad, crappy, dumb things occur in my world that I don’t share, yep again.  Our days go so quick, life is far from perfect. I don’t actually know what’s behind your photos but I am going to go with the same thing that’s behind mine love, life, sometimes hurt and always a little smile.

I guess my point is, if I’ve judged you I’m sorry – if you judge me, that’s your problem but I’m guessing you’re also sorry. we get so caught up in overreacting, assuming and yep judging it takes the beauty and silly out of things.

like me or leave me, keep moving forward & definitely keep living out loud.

I love it xx Jen

“one moment the world is as it is. the next it’s entirely different, something it has never been before.” ~ Anne Rice


take off** disclaimer this was written in June, that’s how bad of a blogger I am – but the words were still worth sharing!!

Working mom checking in ~ very part-time blogger; can’t seem to collect my thoughts long enough to write anything worth you reading. Alas now I’m on a flight with no WIFI – what?? I’m actually disconnected (in my best captain’s voice) “Folks it looks like flight time will be THREE hours and FOURTY-FIVE minutes”. Yep 3:45 of just me myself and the other weary travelers that also just found out from our lovely flight attendant, while we DO offer WIFI service, it’s BROKE (loud gasp through the cabin). So I chatted a bit with my seat mates, had a glass of wine (or maybe 2), ate my snacks, skimmed through my kindle’s dozen half read novels and of course caught up on the Kanye/Kimye birth story *thanks US ~ took my second potty break and now what. Oh yea I digress …TOWNIE FRIENDS

I started thinking about my current group of girlfriends and how hard we all work… it’s been said that opposites attract but I feel more in tune lately that like attracts like? There is not one woman in my world right now that does not work; whether they’re working 9 to 5 or working at home 24/7 caring for their babies they’re all kicking ass. I can’t even attribute it to age because my current townies and I all have a various range. My BFF (new school, you know who you are) is exactly 10 years plus 2 days YOUNGER than me. But we’re cut from the same cloth. These women are smart; college educated and all have that entrepreneurial vein running through them. We all take care of ourselves (you know) body, mind + spirit and FULLY no bullshit support each other, 100% judgment free zone. I am definitely not the type to get overly mushy but I’m feeling the power that my friends give me every day. I know when I’m on the road if all else is failing I can call any of them in a moment’s notice for help. And when you’re on the road as much as I am, that is golden. So this ode is to you my lovelies. Thank you for having my back, making the daily grind so much fun and allowing me to always have an iMessage (or 56) waiting for me when I check back in; because at this time without you, life would not be good.

xx Jen

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ok so i’m a friend person if you’re one of mine you know this… i love my friends!  i wrote about this topic before but it’s seems in my old age I’m going through a period of deep down appreciation for the people i like, care about or just actually want to be around. we all go though changes personally or professionally the metamorphosis of YOU always seems to be occurring. it might get stuck inside and hibernate from time to time – but it’s always there. It’s our friends that seem to motivate us back into it, whatever that is.

A simple reminder, a quick note they left you or on the reverse the extra 5 minutes you gave someone because you really wanted to not just because they were still talking.  it’s those people in your life you can NOT, no matter what live without. you may go through phases and not speak at all or just not as often as you’d like. these are the same people that in the first 30 seconds of being together you forget any time has passed.

then there are new people that you meet, they come and go but some just stick.  sometimes it’s in that very first conversation that you know, this very person is a keeper.  its that damn where ya been all my life feeling, or that haven’t we met before vibe?!  there’s nothing like that immediate connection, that one super long conversation, that way you both look at something and laugh in sync or just plain love all the same stuff – again in life & work, sometimes it just works.

So today’s note is an ode to my friends girls and boys, old and new #ILY #YEPYOU all of you. thank you for making my world so much better!!


xx Jen #friendship #admiration #respect #yo


ups & downs #everyday
ups & downs #everyday

when I first started this blog it was an kind of an escape for me ~ i was kind of pissed off & kind of anxious about what was to come.  i had a major accident, & was pissed again that nothing much occurred to get me there, it was truly a shit happens moment.

everyone told me to be patient, the months to come seemed like an eternity.  it’s so hard to wrap your mind around something you can’t actually see or feel.  That was me and my wellbeing just couldn’t get a grip that this happened and at some point as with any injury I’d just feel better.  i broke my hip, in case you’re just tuning in… and oh yea i got a new one. who does that? at my age?  (it’s been a while since i’ve been legit too young to do something.) well almost exactly to the magical crossroads of the 90 day mark i just feel better.  i’ve felt mostly good for the last bunch of weeks but at this time ~ my new hip becomes my old hip and i move on.


so why am i telling you this??? i also took a lapse of time from my writing because i didn’t feel like i needed it anymore.  but then it occurred to me, i love it.  i have a lot of cool stuff going on in my world.  super lucky to have a rad job and get to travel a lot.  i definitely have stuff to say (my friends IRL are like yep, girl can talk!) i’m super passionate about the people in my life and the places i go.  injury behind me but i’m still writing to you from the hip because that’s what got me into this mess to begin with…  so keep riding forward and thanks for reading.  Cheers!

xx jen

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My Mom & I – 1976

From that first moment the little plus sign on the pregnancy test sets in (maybe after the 5th or 6th test) you go through so many emotions… freaked, sad, happy, relived, how the hell, omg, now what and so on. Then it just basically becomes a reality, you go from being solo to sharing your body. You make changes to accommodate this person growing inside; give up vices, change your diet, change your outlook, your body changes, you gain weight, you feel tired, and you feel sick, you feel happy, you cry a lot. And then he arrives and you become a MOM. From that single point forward life as you know it is in the past, and this new adventure is on the horizon. You become selfless, sleepless and a team … no longer a ME, forever an US.

so very in love with this boy

You watch your baby grow, he becomes a boy – you rearrange your life, every plan you make centers around him. You become that MOM, the supportive mom, the booboo kissing mom, the sports mom, the dance mom or whatever it is that drives your kid to be the best that they can be. Forever when you are outside of your home and you hear a child calling “MOM” you turn around and say WHAT (even when they’re not talking to you). Being a mom becomes an extension of your soul.

I’ve learned so very much from the other moms in my world, we’ve bonded together unlike any friendship possible. My sister became my best friend, my mother the first phone call almost every day. We understand things I never knew were questions in the first place.

Mothers ❤ Sisters ❤ Brothers ❤ Friends ❤ Kids

The sisterhood of motherhood is a great world. All this stuff aside my beautiful mommy friends, if you do anything today … take a time out. Take five, be alone, be reflective, be grateful but most important be YOU. That old solo YOU, turn up the music or take a long shower or just sit in the quiet darkness. Whatever it is that will give you some peace. TAKE IT, embrace it and enjoy it because you are a mom; the heart and soul of the family unit, the rock and a force to be reckoned with.

Happy Mother’s Day loves! Peace, love & Happiness to you xx

Love, Jen

#HappyMothersDay #OdeToaMom #Motherhood #Sisterhood


The Face of Spring Break
The Face of Spring Break

so if you didn’t know it’s SPRING BREAK !!

yep that festive week off from school that occurs right after the first day of spring.

at some point between college and life you lose the spring break feeling. you just don’t do it; you’re no longer a student, don’t have kids and actually have a job that doesn’t comply to this human cause.  then all of a sudden it creeps back up on you, that feeling SPRING BREAK!  you suddenly have kids that go to school & guess what??? you get spring break back *whether you like it or not.

fast forward to spring break 2013 and i’m sitting here writing to you not on the for-mentioned spring break. we’re so cool as grownups, parents, employees whatever role we’re in at the moment…  no matter what, we do our best to keep it together.  we got it, we crush it, nothing is going to break us down!! then there’s something that suddenly in the blink of an eye takes you right back to that feeling. you know disappointment, despair – it’s indescribable but you get it.  my current demise is missing spring break 2013.  this year there were plans for spring break and then there were things not planned; my spring break got broke.

initially i was sensible and handled the situation very matter of factly –  i sent my family on spring break without me! how cool am i??? right?? i mean what would you do? well now we’re in the thick of it and suddenly I feel like i’m 4 again and the princess didn’t show up to my birthday party (wahhhh) i didn’t take a spring break last year and you know what??  it came and went. i didn’t miss it at all.  why does change throw us off so very much??  why is it when you should be stoked for your peeps, that your inner child is like efff that?? i don’t care what you say, we all have it in us.  that feeling of missing out; whether you’re 4 or 44 no one likes to miss out, be the one missing, or be the one stuck at home.

none the less – i’m getting it out to you right now. this is my vent, my tiny little rant. now i will go on with my spring break home alone, enjoying the calm and taking care of me.  i will gratefully enjoy the FaceTime calls with my boys, like all of your fun snow pic on instagram + Facebook and truly mean it.  sharing in YOUR good is what makes life work, isn’t it?

bottom line – keep riding forward.  Live in your own reality, make the most of your moments and just enjoy your own bubble.

xx Jen #loveyousooooo #havefun #namaste

Stay Connected <3
Stay Connected ❤



And then some …

What did we do before social media, internet forums, for that matter Google??  Most of us spend our days on a computer for work.  We use the internet for different purposes.  Our natural gut instinct when something happens, when you’re feeling bad or just don’t know is to get online.

Socially i use Facebook for my known “friends” – same as most people.  We reconnect with old school friends, new friends and keep updated on places and things we like.  Instagram & Twitter for me and maybe you is a free wheeling platform to post what’s actually on your mind.  Maybe relay industry related thoughts/articles or just simply to reach out and make “friends” from all around the globe.  Some of my favorite people to online chat with i might actually never meet in person.  But we connect, relate in such a special way ~ it’s like he or she is that long lost friend you re-found and don’t know how you ever lived without in the first place!! We enjoy each others family photos, daily activities or even breakfast…  hey i had pancakes this morning too 🙂  it’s funny how one picture or one phrase can evoke a feeling good or bad in a split second ~ isn’t it??

Most recently i connected with a forum for Hip Replacement peeps ~ here i was feeling bad for myself lost in my own world of why me when it occurred to me to reach out to good old Google.  And just like that i found BoneSmart.org – Shoot guess what??? i’m soo not alone, so not unique in this short term moment and i found a place to get instant answers to my pressing questions. i mean there are people way younger than me to folks that have comfortably lived a well rounded life.  At the end of the day we’ve all been though the same procedures and no matter who you are, what your age is, we all have to battle the same hurdles and spend the same amount of time healing.  This forum doesn’t take place of your doctors words but it does give you a little more comfort knowing other people are there to share their actual moments.  No subject is off limits… from war wounds to yep umm sex.  for some reason chatting it up with strangers brings a certain level of freedom and release for me!

I love my IRL (*in real life) friends and no doubt I have an amazing home support system but cheers to my online friends, lots of love!

xx Jen #reconnect #postsomething #followme @JenRoeNY

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