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One very underestimated fact about getting your kids going on the slopes is their comfort.  you send them to school in clothes that fit, make them feel good & are appropriate to take them from the classroom to the playground, right?  We buy them team uniforms for all of their after school sports; each team they join is very specific as to what to wear.  So why should it be any different for a day on the mountain?!

Skiing & snowboarding for the first time is very exciting but can be hampered in one fell swoop.  A cold and soggy kid will most likely, not be too stoked on the sport.  Not all outerwear is created equal; investing a little extra on your children’s snow clothing will do way more than keeping their bums dry!

Face it the weathermen are calling for another FROZEN winter (yay!) your kids will be in snow pants and a warm, water resistant jacket way more than you think.  Top of the line outerwear has features you wouldn’t think of and most of our JR’s line will grow with them (extended leg/arm seams), wash well, and are guaranteed to look great for an extra season…  The best part about Jr. apparel lines are the colors, they’re bright!  YOU will never lose your daughter in that hot colored camo jacket with her matching fuchsia pants.  Your little dudes will feel as if they belong in the half pipe in our rad gear, with matching beanies in every color…  but don’t forget to fit them for a helmet too.  Your local ski or board shop is key to that! Get your kiddos fitted for a lid and make sure they don’t only look good, but they’ll feel great and will keep their noggin protected.


Have your kids wear their Ski or Snowboard boats around the living room as often as you can think of before they get out on the mountain.  This helps with the break in, avoids the sock crumble morning of and is a good way to teach them how to buckle or tie those boots up on the fly!

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