who knew??? Vail. CO 1995
who knew??? Vail. CO 1995

I’m a sharer by nature – when asked to bring a piece of me to the table I got a little nervous. So I opted to do this presentation in my most comfortable style.. blog style. I have a cool job, in case you didn’t know how I felt about it. I am often posed with the question how did you get your job, it’s so perfect for you.   this is probably one of my favorite stories to tell and from this moment I truly believed that everything happens for a reason. I was totally employed but felt like I was in a life slump. I was looking for a change but didn’t know how; I’ve been in marketing and advertising for most of my professional career. Going with the flow so to speak but never figured I could have the perfect blend of who I was personally with who I could be professionally. One conversation changed everything for me, and this is not the first time that’s happened. It’s in those moments where you are being totally honest, or talking about what you truly love things can come together. In this case I having a moment with a close friend and former colleague in Colorado and that call inspired me to pop on the Vail Resorts web site (she in a former life lived on the east coast and worked for VR) and the only posting for in my field was this posting for an advertising sales manager with digital experience… the job description was exactly me and not only that it required I lived on the east coast. SHOOT, I applied right away and I got a response from some guy named Todd Peters… Could I meet with him right away? Duh right? So long story short, he just about hired some other guy (I never did find out who that poor dude was) and I think he realized we could be a work match! I Jumped through all the typical corporate hurdles, spent a day interviewing in Colorado and it was a wrap… well not that easy but through that process I was able to really put who I was into this job interview, my passion for being “OnTheSnow” every pun intended coupled with my passion for working hard. We love to say work hard, play harder right?

I mean this is totally who I am; I am social person, I am a great sales person, thrive on creativity but needed to find that perfect balance. For the first time in my entire career I found it here at Mountain News. It’s incredible when you’re passionate about something that the work just comes easier.

I started skiing at age 5, never very good and as a matter of fact the first ski instructor I ever took a lesson from told my dad that “skiing just might not be for Jennifer”.  lol, right?  Push forward 15 years later, I found myself as a ski bum in Vail Colorado, quickly turned into a Snowboarder – leaving behind my 90’s Dynastar skis literally in a rack at the old Lionshead gondola!! I stayed in Colorado for 10 more! I knew when I left Colorado that I was leaving a little of me behind but realized it was time for a new chapter.  I had no idea I’d find my perfect match eventually. that i’d be able to embrace where I live and bring that Snow Bumming passion into my day to day grind.  The last three years have been #EPIC ~ We are a few of the lucky ones!

Our Team Rocks !!
Our Team Rocks !!

Thanks for listening to my share!

#dowhatyoulove #lovewhatyou #beYOU

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