IMG_2528-4my yoga instructor, always starts class inviting us to “let it go” – then she mentions the fact that this phrase is the most over used in our day to day life. it’s so easy to say, it’s so simple to think about ~ just push out what ales you at least for the 90 minutes that you are devoting to your mat (thanks Julie, I bow to you 🙏).  but not everyone can just simply do this, my gage in yoga class is always my balance. those days I can’t hold my tree, are the ones i’m really struggling with a clear head. dear Julie says that’s ok, get back up and try again, making the most of these moments.

moving this theory in life, and love can be totally relatable. it’s the day you’re running in circles, taking a wrong turn, forgetting something behind at the grocery store ~ the inner struggle with clearing your head, putting it down and straight up focusing on what’s in front of you. we get ourselves into these modes of comfort in life; It can be with work, home, kids, a lover, friends, you’re in that place where it’s snuggly warm, all is well and bam something changes ~ nothing is more painful than loss of any kind, more challenging than unexpected change in your snuggly world. Just like nothing prepares you for the sleepless nights that come with a newborn, you can be as strong as you want but loss needs to be dealt with in your own way. that change in pattern, that “supposed to be” feeling even though it’s not. you want to stomp, scream, plead, cry (sometimes a lot) and mostly just want to curl back into your cozy bed and pretend all is still the same. it’s those days you can’t stop checking your phone for that message because normally by 8am you’ve gotten several ~ this morning none of them are the right message. it’s unavoidable because these reminders could be as small as a hotel bar of soap, a song or a roadside sign. all of those things can take you right back to that before place and will never be fully avoidable ~ you’ll always remember, always reach for them.

it’s amazing how completely rational we can be, we give our friends the best of advice, we talk ourselves through our own stuff… Yep, sounds good ~ I got this! but at the same time we watch ourselves act completely irrational and defy our own gut instinct… well that’s because we’re human and as much as we like to think we are superhuman, we’re soft inside. our levels of loss may differ ~ like a boy losing his stuffed dog, a grown up love lost, or the saddest loss of all the passing of someone close ~ it’s ok to grieve, let it all out.

So now what?? just LET IT GO? yeah that’s so stupid isn’t it? Nah, the realistic you that lived through the change knows you need to. your friends tell you, your teachers tell you, your lovers tell you, anything you read tells you…  but there aren’t any rules and there are definitely no short cuts. So whatever it is that you can not shake ~ take a deep breath, trust yourself & be strong. you just have to find your own way to make peace. tuck those memories in tight, thank whomever it was for shaping your world & tell them you will always remember, always have them in your hearts pocket. so now you’re ready, say it with me, maybe tonight shout it to the sky…. good bye, I love YOU & yes let that shit go! Cheers to 2015✌️

xx Jen  #keepridingforward #tothemoonandback #yepyou

here's to finding that peace in 2015

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