It’s always seems like there’s a drastic calm after the holiday storm. Time is so not on our side, days speed by (they say that has something to do with getting older?!) Having a stop and look around moment. I’ve muscled through the last year adapting to personal life changes, doing things on my own, doing things together, feeling a range of emotions from SO weak to SO strong and always a little vulnerable. I’ve relied on my friends, old and new to keep me moving ~ as we like to say #KMF.

I used to swear by “everything happens for a reason” – was certain that there was a greater reason for every step. Sometimes those reasons are so obvious, they’re staring you in the face but in contrast sometimes it isn’t until you lose something, or waited and waited for a clue for things to become clear. There’s no force, there is just life and it happens as quick as I can type these words. A friend told me to reflect this week, to take a minute for myself, take care of me- what is that I said?? Because I want to take care of you, love you, I want to keep the peace, keeping it light and loving. We can’t help who we love; there is always that challenge of being drawn to someone or something new. It makes life so amazing, and every experience so unique to you.. Going with your own feelings, blocking out external factors sometimes opens doors you might not have seen before. What once might have seemed totally crazy to you ~ suddenly makes you breathe easier. I for one am grateful for allowing myself to let go, be open minded and for loving hard. I have made mistakes, asked for forgiveness and accepted yours back. I am ready to the next challenges that come my way. I’ll be a little more prepared now, my skin is a little thicker and I think I am even a little bit brighter and most definitely I am the most real.  Honesty does that to a girl, know who you are inside out – let them see you sweat but don’t let their words rule your world.

So Merry Everything my friends, thank you for letting me love you so much ~ thank you for loving me back because I felt every drop of it. I am a very lucky girl, for knowing you and know that I will love you back always.

xx Peace Love & Happiness,

Jen #keepridingforward


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