hey mamas (& dad’s too I suppose) as I sit here once again freezing in the bleachers of the ice rink, settling into a cycle of déjàvous for the next 6 months… I’m watching, talking and maybe doing a little eavesdropping (who me??)IMG_9662

I’m pretty sure I’ve written about this before but there’s a window in time when our kids rule our world – oh yea that’s like their entire life right ?? We drive, we dress, we drag, we clean, we feed, we wipe noses, do homework & maybe even feed a pet or two … that’s just the tip of it.  Our kids rule our days, hours, mins, seconds – my kids common response is “mom I don’t know why you’re tired all you have to do is work all day”

Sports moms & dads spend that time on the sidelines together bonding, commiserating if you will.  Some are more vigorous than others.  But there’s always that eye contact when something is going wrong that helps console you during a moment!  Often we spend our time comparing how much overlap we all have and how many things all of these kids (+ sibs) have going on. And not in a competitive way, its a wow or that’s a lot kind of way.  All these kids are maxed but it works for them, and we make it work for us.  It’s all in the spirit of enrichment and exercise after all!  here I am listening to the moms talking about balancing activity schedules – this one just came from dance class to her hockey practice, someone else’s figuring out how to be at two practices at the same time in different places tomorrow afternoon, I’m driving today – can you pick up and I digress… cloning time?? mines in an afterschool program with heavy playground time, to dinner to practice. we all have multiple over commitments on the weekend – overlapping seasons baseball runs into lacrosse football runs into soccer runs into ice hockey runs into basketball runs into snow season – not to be forgetting year round commitments like music, art or dance. oh yea and then there’s that funky thing called school and homework… WOOF I’m tired just writing about it!!

I guess I am just writing to say good luck to parents on the sideline, here’s strength for whatever it is you’re juggling & just know support is just a glance away.  Stay warm, and cheer loud – these kids love us 🙂

PS. The huge bonus to all of this over commitment is this …


Keep riding forward! xx Jen #hockeymom (today)

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