Ever have one of those moments ~ where in one spilt second everything changes. it could be as simple as losing your car keys but it’s always the same feeling in the moment ~ panic…

if I only paid closer attention, if I wasn’t doing twelve things at once, if I didn’t have that last drink (yep that too) – it’s dreadful. Then that moment is always followed up with something smart about hind site, or what ifs – but most of the time there are no “backsies” it was what it was and remains what happened. I really think it’s what happens next that’s key. how do you react, obviously depending on the damage our reactions will vary but what we do post reaction that matters most. It usually helps me to write it out (not so much with the lost keys) or sometime look into the mirror and have a frank convo with yourself. Yes this seems way cray, as we say – mirror mirror on the wall…

IMG_8822-0But look if you can’t be honest with yourself you sure can not make the situation right. In this world of messaging, dumping it out all there and using social subliminal messages – we could be reminded to just have a candid conversation with our realist self ~ the pretty thing in the mirror. She has your full undivided attention, and will only move when you do.

so maybe I’m talking about something more than loss car keys here but the final phase of this is also being transparent to the other person that might have also been affected by your actions. you’d be surprised when you open up to someone else ~ they’ll actually hear you, hopefully will forgive you & most most important they’ll love you anyway.  facing the imperfect you and letting it go is brave; but it is also the most important part of the recovery process for everyone.

Keep riding forward xx Jen

#bereal #behonest #beyou




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