my ode to instagram

I haven’t blogged in a really long time. I’ve taken the lazy way out and started recording my world via instagram ~ something occurred to me today, do people wonder if I’m legit. what’s the story behind the story, well there isn’t any. these pictures are me and my moments, these posts are for me. I love them… you may eye-roll as I post my 900th selfie but looking at it takes me right back to that spilt second, my moment.


I posted something today about perception which got me thinking… I love living out loud. sharing everything, I really try to be fully me in my sharing. do I use great filters, tweak my pics & carefully caption each one. yep I’m guilty. do I want you to smile when you like something I post, yep that too. Do sad, crappy, dumb things occur in my world that I don’t share, yep again.  Our days go so quick, life is far from perfect. I don’t actually know what’s behind your photos but I am going to go with the same thing that’s behind mine love, life, sometimes hurt and always a little smile.

I guess my point is, if I’ve judged you I’m sorry – if you judge me, that’s your problem but I’m guessing you’re also sorry. we get so caught up in overreacting, assuming and yep judging it takes the beauty and silly out of things.

like me or leave me, keep moving forward & definitely keep living out loud.

I love it xx Jen

“one moment the world is as it is. the next it’s entirely different, something it has never been before.” ~ Anne Rice

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