take off** disclaimer this was written in June, that’s how bad of a blogger I am – but the words were still worth sharing!!

Working mom checking in ~ very part-time blogger; can’t seem to collect my thoughts long enough to write anything worth you reading. Alas now I’m on a flight with no WIFI – what?? I’m actually disconnected (in my best captain’s voice) “Folks it looks like flight time will be THREE hours and FOURTY-FIVE minutes”. Yep 3:45 of just me myself and the other weary travelers that also just found out from our lovely flight attendant, while we DO offer WIFI service, it’s BROKE (loud gasp through the cabin). So I chatted a bit with my seat mates, had a glass of wine (or maybe 2), ate my snacks, skimmed through my kindle’s dozen half read novels and of course caught up on the Kanye/Kimye birth story *thanks US ~ took my second potty break and now what. Oh yea I digress …TOWNIE FRIENDS

I started thinking about my current group of girlfriends and how hard we all work… it’s been said that opposites attract but I feel more in tune lately that like attracts like? There is not one woman in my world right now that does not work; whether they’re working 9 to 5 or working at home 24/7 caring for their babies they’re all kicking ass. I can’t even attribute it to age because my current townies and I all have a various range. My BFF (new school, you know who you are) is exactly 10 years plus 2 days YOUNGER than me. But we’re cut from the same cloth. These women are smart; college educated and all have that entrepreneurial vein running through them. We all take care of ourselves (you know) body, mind + spirit and FULLY no bullshit support each other, 100% judgment free zone. I am definitely not the type to get overly mushy but I’m feeling the power that my friends give me every day. I know when I’m on the road if all else is failing I can call any of them in a moment’s notice for help. And when you’re on the road as much as I am, that is golden. So this ode is to you my lovelies. Thank you for having my back, making the daily grind so much fun and allowing me to always have an iMessage (or 56) waiting for me when I check back in; because at this time without you, life would not be good.

xx Jen

#workingmoms #flygirls #sistersfromanothermister


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