ok so i’m a friend person if you’re one of mine you know this… i love my friends!  i wrote about this topic before but it’s seems in my old age I’m going through a period of deep down appreciation for the people i like, care about or just actually want to be around. we all go though changes personally or professionally the metamorphosis of YOU always seems to be occurring. it might get stuck inside and hibernate from time to time – but it’s always there. It’s our friends that seem to motivate us back into it, whatever that is.

A simple reminder, a quick note they left you or on the reverse the extra 5 minutes you gave someone because you really wanted to not just because they were still talking.  it’s those people in your life you can NOT, no matter what live without. you may go through phases and not speak at all or just not as often as you’d like. these are the same people that in the first 30 seconds of being together you forget any time has passed.

then there are new people that you meet, they come and go but some just stick.  sometimes it’s in that very first conversation that you know, this very person is a keeper.  its that damn where ya been all my life feeling, or that haven’t we met before vibe?!  there’s nothing like that immediate connection, that one super long conversation, that way you both look at something and laugh in sync or just plain love all the same stuff – again in life & work, sometimes it just works.

So today’s note is an ode to my friends girls and boys, old and new #ILY #YEPYOU all of you. thank you for making my world so much better!!


xx Jen #friendship #admiration #respect #yo

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