ups & downs #everyday
ups & downs #everyday

when I first started this blog it was an kind of an escape for me ~ i was kind of pissed off & kind of anxious about what was to come.  i had a major accident, & was pissed again that nothing much occurred to get me there, it was truly a shit happens moment.

everyone told me to be patient, the months to come seemed like an eternity.  it’s so hard to wrap your mind around something you can’t actually see or feel.  That was me and my wellbeing just couldn’t get a grip that this happened and at some point as with any injury I’d just feel better.  i broke my hip, in case you’re just tuning in… and oh yea i got a new one. who does that? at my age?  (it’s been a while since i’ve been legit too young to do something.) well almost exactly to the magical crossroads of the 90 day mark i just feel better.  i’ve felt mostly good for the last bunch of weeks but at this time ~ my new hip becomes my old hip and i move on.


so why am i telling you this??? i also took a lapse of time from my writing because i didn’t feel like i needed it anymore.  but then it occurred to me, i love it.  i have a lot of cool stuff going on in my world.  super lucky to have a rad job and get to travel a lot.  i definitely have stuff to say (my friends IRL are like yep, girl can talk!) i’m super passionate about the people in my life and the places i go.  injury behind me but i’m still writing to you from the hip because that’s what got me into this mess to begin with…  so keep riding forward and thanks for reading.  Cheers!

xx jen

#nextchapter #newday #fromthehip


  1. Wow, I really have missed so much of your life this year! I will enjoy reading your blog, it will be honest, and funny, knowing you! Your new career sounds perfectly suited for you. Will catch up soon. Georgi turn 7 this weekend– mamas baby is now a full on kid:)

    1. love you Jo! we way need to catch up lmk about Mountain Jam, maybe we can hook up that weekend. And be sure to read my Mother’s Day blog xx happy birthday G!

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