My Mom & I – 1976

From that first moment the little plus sign on the pregnancy test sets in (maybe after the 5th or 6th test) you go through so many emotions… freaked, sad, happy, relived, how the hell, omg, now what and so on. Then it just basically becomes a reality, you go from being solo to sharing your body. You make changes to accommodate this person growing inside; give up vices, change your diet, change your outlook, your body changes, you gain weight, you feel tired, and you feel sick, you feel happy, you cry a lot. And then he arrives and you become a MOM. From that single point forward life as you know it is in the past, and this new adventure is on the horizon. You become selfless, sleepless and a team … no longer a ME, forever an US.

so very in love with this boy

You watch your baby grow, he becomes a boy – you rearrange your life, every plan you make centers around him. You become that MOM, the supportive mom, the booboo kissing mom, the sports mom, the dance mom or whatever it is that drives your kid to be the best that they can be. Forever when you are outside of your home and you hear a child calling “MOM” you turn around and say WHAT (even when they’re not talking to you). Being a mom becomes an extension of your soul.

I’ve learned so very much from the other moms in my world, we’ve bonded together unlike any friendship possible. My sister became my best friend, my mother the first phone call almost every day. We understand things I never knew were questions in the first place.

Mothers ❤ Sisters ❤ Brothers ❤ Friends ❤ Kids

The sisterhood of motherhood is a great world. All this stuff aside my beautiful mommy friends, if you do anything today … take a time out. Take five, be alone, be reflective, be grateful but most important be YOU. That old solo YOU, turn up the music or take a long shower or just sit in the quiet darkness. Whatever it is that will give you some peace. TAKE IT, embrace it and enjoy it because you are a mom; the heart and soul of the family unit, the rock and a force to be reckoned with.

Happy Mother’s Day loves! Peace, love & Happiness to you xx

Love, Jen

#HappyMothersDay #OdeToaMom #Motherhood #Sisterhood

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