The Face of Spring Break
The Face of Spring Break

so if you didn’t know it’s SPRING BREAK !!

yep that festive week off from school that occurs right after the first day of spring.

at some point between college and life you lose the spring break feeling. you just don’t do it; you’re no longer a student, don’t have kids and actually have a job that doesn’t comply to this human cause.  then all of a sudden it creeps back up on you, that feeling SPRING BREAK!  you suddenly have kids that go to school & guess what??? you get spring break back *whether you like it or not.

fast forward to spring break 2013 and i’m sitting here writing to you not on the for-mentioned spring break. we’re so cool as grownups, parents, employees whatever role we’re in at the moment…  no matter what, we do our best to keep it together.  we got it, we crush it, nothing is going to break us down!! then there’s something that suddenly in the blink of an eye takes you right back to that feeling. you know disappointment, despair – it’s indescribable but you get it.  my current demise is missing spring break 2013.  this year there were plans for spring break and then there were things not planned; my spring break got broke.

initially i was sensible and handled the situation very matter of factly –  i sent my family on spring break without me! how cool am i??? right?? i mean what would you do? well now we’re in the thick of it and suddenly I feel like i’m 4 again and the princess didn’t show up to my birthday party (wahhhh) i didn’t take a spring break last year and you know what??  it came and went. i didn’t miss it at all.  why does change throw us off so very much??  why is it when you should be stoked for your peeps, that your inner child is like efff that?? i don’t care what you say, we all have it in us.  that feeling of missing out; whether you’re 4 or 44 no one likes to miss out, be the one missing, or be the one stuck at home.

none the less – i’m getting it out to you right now. this is my vent, my tiny little rant. now i will go on with my spring break home alone, enjoying the calm and taking care of me.  i will gratefully enjoy the FaceTime calls with my boys, like all of your fun snow pic on instagram + Facebook and truly mean it.  sharing in YOUR good is what makes life work, isn’t it?

bottom line – keep riding forward.  Live in your own reality, make the most of your moments and just enjoy your own bubble.

xx Jen #loveyousooooo #havefun #namaste

Stay Connected <3
Stay Connected ❤


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