And then some …

What did we do before social media, internet forums, for that matter Google??  Most of us spend our days on a computer for work.  We use the internet for different purposes.  Our natural gut instinct when something happens, when you’re feeling bad or just don’t know is to get online.

Socially i use Facebook for my known “friends” – same as most people.  We reconnect with old school friends, new friends and keep updated on places and things we like.  Instagram & Twitter for me and maybe you is a free wheeling platform to post what’s actually on your mind.  Maybe relay industry related thoughts/articles or just simply to reach out and make “friends” from all around the globe.  Some of my favorite people to online chat with i might actually never meet in person.  But we connect, relate in such a special way ~ it’s like he or she is that long lost friend you re-found and don’t know how you ever lived without in the first place!! We enjoy each others family photos, daily activities or even breakfast…  hey i had pancakes this morning too 🙂  it’s funny how one picture or one phrase can evoke a feeling good or bad in a split second ~ isn’t it??

Most recently i connected with a forum for Hip Replacement peeps ~ here i was feeling bad for myself lost in my own world of why me when it occurred to me to reach out to good old Google.  And just like that i found BoneSmart.org – Shoot guess what??? i’m soo not alone, so not unique in this short term moment and i found a place to get instant answers to my pressing questions. i mean there are people way younger than me to folks that have comfortably lived a well rounded life.  At the end of the day we’ve all been though the same procedures and no matter who you are, what your age is, we all have to battle the same hurdles and spend the same amount of time healing.  This forum doesn’t take place of your doctors words but it does give you a little more comfort knowing other people are there to share their actual moments.  No subject is off limits… from war wounds to yep umm sex.  for some reason chatting it up with strangers brings a certain level of freedom and release for me!

I love my IRL (*in real life) friends and no doubt I have an amazing home support system but cheers to my online friends, lots of love!

xx Jen #reconnect #postsomething #followme @JenRoeNY

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