20130307-085722.jpgshit I’ve been sitting around and commiserating, telling you to pull out your tiny violins for me…. sad that my charmed winter is ruined, can’t go on some trips, can’t ride my board, for that matter i still can’t do much of anything physical and sitting still drives me insane!! i know for sure it’s my life, and these current short comings affect me and my family directly, so yea that’s not cool.  On the other hand; i am OK, i’m back to work (this actually makes me happy) and everyone around me is in good health and appropriately moving forward for normal daily routines. what’s my point???

a friend of mine told me a sweet story of a little boy who was very sick, cancer relapse missed several months of school (probably again) which included afterschool activities. now imagine at age 8 having to keep your chin up, go through months of treatment, watch everyone around you go though so many range of emotions all at the same time trying to just be kid. at this age you have no contact with your buddies from your class or your basketball team. you’re probably not using Skype, Facebook, FaceTime or even texting your pals to keep in touch. basically you are pulled out of the life that you know and settle into one that becomes a new home with other kids that are just like you. your mom smiles through teary eyes every day and your dad probably tells you corny jokes and brings you comic books.

well flash forward for him a few months later & guess what??? he’s back, he’s clear, prognosis is great and home just in time to PLAY his last basketball game. i don’t know about you but this set me into a tail spin of emotions. just think how freaking great he must of felt to get on that court, how elated his parents must of been watching him play, how cool his friends thought his new shaved head was ~ all of it.

life is indeed all relative; we all go through things personally, physically, emotionally that throw curve balls into our worlds.  doesn’t make my problem more important than yours, his, theirs. no two people deal with things the same, we’re often given extra chances in life to make changes.  i’m capturing this moment and putting it away.  i’m thankful that my little boy is wildly crazy, totally healthly & growing up each day.  today i am putting my accident behind me (for real) and 100% riding forward.  i may talk about my recovery from time to time but pitty party is OVER.

xx  Jen #letsdothis #answerisyes #todayisanewday

Travis & I

ps ~ i’m dedicating this post to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. i’m looking forward to working with the NYC chapter this summer on an awesome fund raiser event, “Yoga gives to St. Jude Kids”  check them out http://www.stjude.org


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