20130303-083059.jpgif i was at all superstitious, i’d definitely at this point think that my karma was all effed up or the gods (whoever they may be) were out to get me. in one weeks time i had this devastating and ultra random accident, moment changing surgery & my hard drive crashed. that’s right, i lost all of my work, data, pic and whatever from the past year. yep, i was not practicing what i preached “save often” i’d boast to others. back up, you never know…

i mean how would you look at these mishaps, i am clumsy, that i know but oh why me ?? are you one of those people who sees a deeper meaning into life events? i always felt like i believed in fate but in what capacity? i honestly never thought about that specifically.

i do feel like i was running in hectic circles; maybe this was a yellow yeild sign in my crazy world?! i am a busy working mom in the center of a busy active family. always trying to balance home, work, school, travel, activity and keep up with the PTA mom types who bake perfect cupcakes for snack time and commiserate with you but at the same time don’t truly get it. i live by the it takes a village principle and i am so thankful for a diverse group of friends because someone is always out there helping me keep things in check. i love being a townie in my small town, and that travis will grow up knowing we’re all similar but different & its our differences that make life so cool. 

i guess bottom line of this post is short-term my L has been replaced with an F.  and maybe (just maybe) i DON’T belive in Karma anymore, and maybe i don’t think everything that happens for a reason (back to my dad’s principal of shit happens)… so #YoKarma, step off of this cloud!

xx Jen #saveoften #stoplookandlisten #lifehappens

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