#perfectgift or #notsomuch

this summer my son Travis started to get into skateboarding. Seemed like a simple family activity; i’m not a huge bike rider but we love to keep things moving on a warm summer day so skating seemed like our thing. besides i snowboard (learning curve +) and Travis is a skier so this would give us something to learn together ~ old school mommy & me!

one weekend my nephew & his buddy came to stay with us ~ they both were armed with sweet new long boards. followed by a couple of glasses of wine (not recommending, just staying) and a come on aunt Jen ~ i got on a board. Yep instantly hooked. So my goal was to get my own gear and get Travis upgraded this spring and get ready to #RollOn !!!20130228-195025.jpg

Alas my birthday celebration is upon us and i was gifted a stellar sweet sexy new long board ~ humm one issue everyone forgot, yea that’s right i just had my HIP replaced. Now you would think my initial reaction would have been confusion, sorrow or even anger.  insert inner brain conversation: really T, perfect gift, but WTF, where’s the compassion?! how about a spa day or something a little more zen, you know?!  surprisingly it brought out just the opposite reaction, i get it. i’m ready, the doctor said by summer i’ll be back to a somewhat normal so why wouldn’t i be able to get on this board? plus the story behind it makes it that much better.  it turns out the board was ordered pre-accident and delivered while i was in surgery. now i know there must be a meaning behind this gift, right?

i’m going with…  what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and long boarding will be perfect for my rehab.  do you think i’ll be the first hip replacement patient to ask their doc after two weeks when they’ll be able to skate??? thoughts?

xx Jen #rollwithit #rehabonwheels #thankyou


  1. There are things in life that I have learned are signs that this is what is meant to be, do, happen etc. You and Snow are as one, I doubt that this little bump in life will hold you down from your passion! So that board is speaking to you telling you that you will RIDE AGAIN, just as before! XO

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