This is a concept that is really hard to imagine when you’re the one life is going on around… without. i am currently at this exact moment missing a flagship event with my team at one of my favorite spots on earth, doing one of my favorite things on earth all while getting paid! it’s part of the reason that i so freely bragged before that i in fact had #THEBESTJOBEVER. Minus the phone call today from the peanut gallery with well wishes, and we miss yous; the fact is i still do have one of the best jobs ever. but shit life goes on… is such a hard concept to cope with sometimes!!

Did i mention today is my birthday??? it’s my birthday, so i guess this is a double post… whip out your tiny violin’s for me. ready?? not only do i miss an Epic Snow trip but i’m celebrating my birthday cooped up at home with my parents. What gives??

My dad’s wise words of advice were “Jen, shit happens!” My best friend posted poetic Dave Matthews lyrics on my Facebook wall today. she put them there to remind me that (we) have it in us to get through the shit & probably have a better time than most while doing it. so do we just celebrate in what we have? Roll on, keep riding forward & accept the best of what’s around?? My dad’s in, BFF says yes, Dave seems to agree but what about you???

xx Jen #cantcontrollife #celebratewewill #keepridingforward

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