re: the accident – so what happened????

sales 101 develop your elevator pitch .  an elevator pitch is a yourlinehere blurb you can tell any person about what you have to offer them in under the time it takes to get from the 5th floor to the lobby in you guessed it an elevator – yep sales 101.

look i’m stunned too & i totally expect “Hey, i broke my hip” to be followed by a bunch of different expletives, exclamations & finally of course SO WHAT HAPPENED????

Being part of this happy subculture of people who boast about freshies, tight tree lines, hitting this or stoked on that ~ you really badly want an injury to accompany a solid tale that brings out the bummer dude in the best of them.  For example my Nephew fractured his Pelvis last winter & his story has bummer dude written all over it.  He was jumping a gap and crashed from 30 feet in the air onto his 6′ 4″, 210 lb frame, hard and tough…

So my quandary ~ how do i convert my super lame, real life “i’ve fallen & can’t get up” tale into a folklore, a mysterious oh shit moment, the elevator tales that beats all others???

xx Jen #marketingmyself #mytale #bummerdude

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