food eat this not that ???


my inner fat girl is doing a happy dance right now

almost more painful than my broken hip was the starvation i had to endure waiting for surgery. As in any emergency situation people move as quickly as they can but you never exactly have an exact time on things. I had to “fast” for 16 hours while waiting for surgery, i was less than happy, starving! i love food but eating something yum always accompanied the thought of some pending activity on the horizon…

Open door to this situation of sitting pretty still for the next unknown amount of weeks I’m terrified ~ my inner fat girl has visions of hot cookies out of the oven and potato chips for days. my friends are beyond amazing but also have visions of sending treats from crumbs and “the best bakery ever” or crazy pasta dinners … i enjoy being active but it’s also definitly a crutch *every pun intended* for eating however i’d like… brain stay strong, it’s a mental game. i’m just asking for some support – veggie platters first!

XX Jen #fortheloveofcupcakes #foodgloriousfood #carrotsticks

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  1. The sympathy pains have officially kicked in. My #innerfatgirl just had vanilla ice cream in her coffee. When can we start walking!?

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