Bow Tie Marks The Spot

After a season ending accident and a HIP replacement (at the ripe old age of 41 )  I took some time out to consider why we ♥ snow …  here’s my first blog post

Snow people love their sport because it gives us an unexplainable connection with nature.  Nothing beats the sound of the wind whirling though your helmet. The calming peace you receive riding through the secret stash of trees. That racing stomach feeling you get zipping down a steep hill. The sight of those fresh flakes falling from the sky. That anticipation feeling you …get when you make the approach to your mountain – that’s probably my favorite one…  Seeing the outlines of the trails from the distance. Knowing your play date is minutes away!

Snow riding gives you the freedom to be whoever you want when you’re on the hill. It gives you the charge of an Olympian and the grace of a dancer.  Others are in awe of you, some don’t get it.  We are a special club, a subculture, a sisterhood, a brotherhood, a family like none other. Make the most of those moments while you can. You will never regret you got out there and tried, you will regret not trying.

xx Jen #rideon #believeinwinter #fromthehip

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